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Hyflex 11-518

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Ansell HyFlex Work Gloves – Hand Safety PPE for Precision Handling

The Ansell HyFlex® work gloves range is ergonomically designed to provide an ideal balance of comfort, hand safety and true grip for jobs that need precision handling.

HyFlex is the world’s biggest selling industrial work glove and in 2011 reached the milestone of 500 million sales. That’s a billion hands protected in a multitude of tasks that require precision handling of small parts, thanks to HyFlex personal protection equipment (PPE).

The first Ansell HyFlex work gloves were an instant success when launched in 1998. Before the introduction of HyFlex work gloves in 1998, cotton and leather gloves were commonly used for handling small and slippery parts, despite their limitations in fit, flexibility and protection.

PPE comfort without compromising hand safety 

Ansell has a comprehensive range of HyFlex hand safety wear, addressing the mechanical and cut protection needs of millions of workers.

The HyFlex safety gloves range includes:

HyFlex 11-518: Genuine cut protection wrapped in ultra-lightweight comfort

HyFlex 11-618: The lightest lined and coated hand safety gloves made by Ansell, for delicate applications requiring a high degree of precision. Outstanding comfort and sensitivity, combined with strong mechanical protection.

HyFlex 11-624:  Cut-resistant work gloves that reduce hand injuries without compromising on productivity. Abrasion resistance, strong grip and good touch in comfortable safety wear.

HyFlex 11-800: General handling PPE which reduces hand fatigue by providing stress release in the knuckle areas through Ansell’s patented Zonz Knit Technology™. Excellent hand safety, feel and grip, even in oily conditions.

HyFlex 11-801: Nitrile safety gloves that mould naturally to the hand, helping prevent fatigue and enabling handling of small parts with precision and flexibility. Channels oil away from the work gloves’ surface for sure grip.

HyFlex – the Number One brand in work gloves

Ansell Ltd CEO Magnus Nicolin said, “the HyFlex safety wear billion hands milestone was a tribute to the work gloves’ original brand concept of delivering hand safety and comfort without compromise.”

“With innovation being the hallmark of the HyFlex work gloves range success today, Ansell is committed to continue to innovate and develop new ways of ensuring that our HyFlex hand safety wear remains in pole position, and is the number one choice for work gloves across the globe,” he said.

Ansell’s HyFlex personal protection equipment (PPE) is the most comprehensive light-duty synthetic industrial work gloves range in the hand protection industry.

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