Ansell Gloves – Personal Protection with Zonz™ Knit Advanced Comfort Technology

ANSELL’S best-selling industrial work gloves, the HyFlex 11-800, now feature technology that produces maximum flexibility for added comfort and grip.

Exclusive to Ansell gloves, Zonz™ Knit Advanced Comfort Technology is a revolutionary knitting process with varying stitch designs that enhances the work gloves’ stretch capability. An open visible stitch releases stress in the knuckle area to deliver greater comfort and a better fit.

Ansell personal protection gloves featuring Zonz Knit have improved ergonomic fit and better ventilation for all-day comfort.

Work gloves with hand fatigue all stitched up

Workers experience less hand fatigue, resulting in greater use of the Ansell work gloves and safety compliance.

Zonz Knit is an enhanced knitting process that drops down the little finger of the Ansell gloves.

With the upper palm portion below the middle three fingers knitted separately from the rest of the palm, and the pinkie joint mounted lower than the rest, independent movements are enhanced, without compromising personal protection.

Personal protection in the comfort Zonz

The end result is better-fitting personal protection work gloves with advanced comfort and sure grip.

The Ansell HyFlex 11-800 work gloves with Zonz Knit are the best fit for many jobs, including small parts assembly, automotive assembly, packaging, high-tech applications, light fabrication, inspection, and industrial and general plant applications.

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