co-11-801HyFlex 11-801 – Nitrile Gloves with Maximum Comfort and Durability

OUTSTANDING grip with a relaxed fit, Ansell’s HyFlex 11-801® foam nitrile gloves provide all-day comfort and hand protection. The HyFlex 11-801 nitrile gloves mould naturally to the hand, helping prevent fatigue and enabling handling of small parts with precision and flexibility.

The right fit in a broad range of industries and applications, these light-duty nitrile gloves also channel oil away from the work gloves’ surface for sure grip in light oil applications.

Nitrile gloves do the dirty work on grime

The industrial-friendly dark colour hides dirt and grime, increasing time between laundry cycles and the life of the safety gloves.

The soft polyurethane coating on the HyFlex 11-801 nitrile gloves:

  • Delivers maximum grip while remaining soft and flexible.
  • Is breathable, so hands feel cooler and more comfortable.
  • Is silicon-free, maintaining the surface integrity of the materials handled.

The work gloves’ ergonomic fit and flexible foam coating provide comfort, hand protection and durability for extended safety gloves wear in light oil environments.

Work gloves that get down to the nuts and bolts

The multi-purpose HyFlex 11-801 safety gloves are the ideal hand protection for a multitude of tasks and trades, including assembling and packing of small parts, nuts, bolts and screws; building and construction work, mining, masonry, carpentry and for the oil, gas and chemical industries.

With patented Knitted Variable Stitch Design (KVSD), the HyFlex 11-801 nitrile gloves are a relaxed fit for high-stress areas of the hand and give you precision and flexibility for handling small parts.

  • Automotive and transportation
  • Metal fabrication
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Oil, gas and chemical
  • Building and construction
  • Mining
  • Agriculture and viticulture
  • Light assembly tasks
  • Warehouse work
  • General handling
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More Ansell gloves

The HyFlex range also includes the Hyflex® 11-518, the world’s first ultralight-weight cut resistant glove; the Hyflex® 11-820, a best-in-class general purpose safety glove with extended coating wear, longevity and outstanding comfort; the general handling the Hyflex® 11-800 work glove with excellent protection, feel and grip for reduced hand fatigue; the the Hyflex® 11-618 with outstanding comfort and mechanic protection; and the the Hyflex® 11-624 cut-resistant work glove with abrasion resistance and strong grip.

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