HyFlex 11-800 – General Handling Gloves for Work with Zonz Comfort

ANSELL’S best-selling industrial protective gloves, the HyFlex® 11-800, have been seriously upgraded in the comfort zone.

Already recognised for excellent hand safety, feel and grip even in oily conditions, the HyFlex 11-800 general handling gloves for work have been redesigned for added comfort and reduced hand fatigue.

Big comfort for handling small parts, these next-generation Ansell protective gloves feature Zonz™ Knit technology for enhanced grip.

Hand safety in the comfort Zonz

The innovative Zonz knitting process uses varying stitch designs to improve the protective gloves’ stretch, for maximum flexibility. This results in less stress in the knuckle area and reduced hand fatigue.

The HyFlex 11-800 protective gloves come to grips with slip in oily conditions. A foam nitrile coating channels away oil from the surface of the safety gloves, providing sure grip in light oil applications.

Give hand stress the finger

For better hand movement, an additional Zonz knitting process drops down the little finger of these sure-handling gloves for work. The little finger joint is mounted lower than the middle three fingers in the HyFlex 11-800 general handling protective gloves.

As if that ain’t enough, these Ansell gloves for protection from nasty nicks and abrasions also have tapered finger and palm areas, an expanded cuff width and enhanced cuff overedge.

The HyFlex 11-800 protective gloves are fit for use in a wide variety of tasks, including light assembly especially where oil is present; white goods assembly; forklift, truck driving and crane operation; handling nuts, bolts and screws; wiring operations; and assembling and packing small or delicate parts.

Jack of all trades with a handle on handling

The versatile HyFlex 11-800 gloves for work are a bit of a jack of all trades. These Ansell gloves are the hand safety solutions for many trades, including electricians, carpenters, window glazers, HVAC workers, sheet metal, masonry, plumbers and mechanics and auto electricians.

The HyFlex 11-800 hand safety wear is precision protection that goes hand in glove with a host of handling applications. Protective gloves right for the part.


  • Warehouse work
  • Assembly of white goods
  • Light assembly tasks
  • General handling
Category II
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More Ansell gloves

The HyFlex range also includes the Hyflex® 11-518, the world’s first ultralight-weight cut resistant glove; the Hyflex® 11-820, a best-in-class general purpose safety glove with extended coating wear, longevity and outstanding comfort; the the Hyflex® 11-801 nitrile glove for precision handling of small parts; the the Hyflex® 11-618 with outstanding comfort and mechanic protection; and the the Hyflex® 11-624 cut-resistant work glove with abrasion resistance and strong grip.

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