HyFlex 11-618 – Mutlipurpose Protection Gloves for Precision Handling

ANSELL’S HyFlex® 11-618 multipurpose protection gloves are precision precise for keeping you in touch with the task at hand.

The light construction of the HyFlex 11-618 work safety gloves offers outstanding comfort and sensitivity for precision handling, combined with strong mechanical protection.

These multipurpose gloves are the best safety fit for a wide range of lightweight applications in dry or slightly oily conditions.

Featuring a palm-coated nylon/polyurethane liner plus elasticised knit wrist, the HyFlex 11-618 protection gloves are the lightest lined and coated safety gloves made by Ansell.

Wrap your delicates in precision handling

These multipurpose gloves go hand in hand with delicate applications requiring a high degree of precision.

This includes everything from final assembly work to airconditioning, white goods and electrical goods, wire harness assembly, electrical engines, and the picking and fitting of small pieces such as bearings and springs.

The mechanical protection and precision handling of the HyFlex 11-618 personal protection equipment (PPE) go hand in safety glove with a variety of trades and industries, from automotive and transportation to metal fabrication; oil, gas and chemical; building and construction; agriculture and viticulture; and mining.

Protection gloves in touch with your needs

The HyFlex 11-618 multipurpose glove is 20 per cent lighter in weight than Ansell’s other nylon/polyurethane gloves, and still comes up trumps in mechanical protection.

Testing is compliant to AS/NZS 2161, the abrasion resistance rating is EN level 3 and level 1 for cuts – a strong standard for protection gloves of thin and light construction.

Ansell’s HyFlex 11-618 multipurpose gloves give you a strong grip on safety while keeping you in touch with precision handling. Made thin and light with protection that’s right.


  • Automotive and transportation
  • Metal fabrication
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Oil, gas and chemical
  • Building and construction
  • Mining
  • Agriculture and viticulture
  • Light assembly applications requiring a high degree of precision
  • Final assembly, airconditioning, electrical engines, wire harness assembly, adjusters work
  • White goods and electrical goods
  • Cosmetics/plastics (also during packaging stage)
  • Finishing works
  • Picking and fitting small pieces (bearings, springs)
Category II
EN388 – 3121

More Ansell gloves

The HyFlex range also includes the Hyflex® 11-518, the world’s first ultralight-weight cut resistant glove; the Hyflex® 11-820, a best-in-class general purpose safety glove with extended coating wear, longevity and outstanding comfort; the general handling the Hyflex® 11-800 work glove with excellent protection, feel and grip for reduced hand fatigue; the the Hyflex® 11-801 nitrile glove for precision handling of small parts; and the the Hyflex® 11-624 cut-resistant work glove with abrasion resistance and strong grip.

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